One of the most underserved segments of a church staff is the worship department. We are not talking specifically about one organization, what we are talking about is the community of worship pastors and staff. Notice we use the word “pastors” because the worship pastor anD staff are responsible for creating an environment that is conducive for people to connect with the body of Christ.  It is biblically commanded that the community come together and worship.
The economy for worship conferences is one that mostly caters to churches with great financial resources and an abundance of staff members.
Does anyone in the community ever ask about the 100, 500, or 1,000 person church communities?  A lot of these churches can't afford to pour into their staff the way other organizations can.
Our company, Salem MEDIA GROUP, has identified a way that we can make these resources readily available to all worship pastors and staff. We have worked diligently to remove the barriers to entry for worship leaders to receive resources they need to effectively minister to their worship teams and congregations.
This is not a SONGWRITER symposium, or a creative conference. This is about discipleship, why worship pastors and teams do what they do, and how they connect each and every day.
We sincerely hope that you will join us for a great day of sharing & caring witH OUR SPECIAL GUESTS.